Acai Berry: Gotta Have Some

The Acai Berry fruit has a home in several tropical climates around the world, although Brazil and other South and Central American countries are where the Acai Berry fruit flourishes most, especially on the Amazon Rainforest swampy flood plains where it has every potential to do well. The Acai fruit grows on the Euterpe Oleracea tree, which resembles a palm tree. If you don't have knowledge of how the Acai Berry fruit grows on it, these purple-black, grape-sized berries hang in clusters from the palm in numbers of up to 1,000 (a little bit like small bushes growing on trees). The part of the Acai fruit that they make into the quality dietary Acai Berry supplements is the pulp. Inferior Acai Berry products originate from the skin, the pit, or even just an extract from the Acai.

The Acai has been called a superfood.  A superfood is a food that has a high amount of phytonutrients contained in it. “Phyto” is just a technical name for plant, and a nutrient is just any chemical that is needed for an organism to grow and carry out its normal functions of building and repairing tissue, giving the organism energy, and aiding in other body processes.

Among the benefits of Acai Berry, and the practical uses of the acai berry fruit, one that is really important is how it makes stronger  the functioning of the immune system.  By now, it is quite well known that antioxidants are effective in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals—those little trouble-causers that inflict damage upon healthy cells.   Just like an overtired and overstressed body catches sickness and disease (such as a cold and the flu among others), in like manner free radicals can take advantage of healthy cells if they are not given protection by enough antioxidants. And it is just smart that if you are trying to boost the immune system with the protective power of antioxidants that you utilize the proper artillery.  The Acai Berry antioxidant as measured on the ORAC scale (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a whopping 5,500 in comparison to the “lowly”, but over-embellished blueberry, that is only 2,200.  The ORAC number is basically an indication of a substance’s antioxidant levels and ability to fight free radicals. So, why not maximize your immune boosting potential by utilizing the acai berry in your diet if it packs such a punch?  It only makes sense to make the acai a part of a balanced, well-rounded diet.

When you buy the Acai Berry, you will want to get it in the freeze dried form.  Freeze dried food gets its name from a process by which moisture is removed from food material to get it ready for preserving, and its nutritional content to stay strong.  Freeze dried food has the same smell and flavor as the original food material, with the added benefit of now being able to store for sometimes 5 to 10 years or more.  Freeze dried Acai Berry and other freeze dried foods are put through the freeze drying process not only so they can store for so long, but also to make it possible to make stay all of the wonderful nutrients and healthful benefits before the Acai Berry and other fruits and vegetables are exported overseas.  You see, the Acai Berry and others like it, if great care isn't taken, very soon thereafter lose their strength because their Superfood properties become diminished.